The Call is closed.


General Information and Call Objectives

The second Open Call of the SoftFIRE project focuses on interworking and interoperability in order to assess the effort of the federated testbeds in creating a single environment for experimentation.

The proposed work plan should address the following OBJECTIVE:

  • the production and/or validation of new services, systems and applications that benefit from network programmability and NFV and SDN technologies more generally


  • the development and validation of extensions to the current federated testbed or of new functionalities thereof. For example
    • testbed enhancements in terms of orchestration, control or virtualization capabilities and their real world evaluation over the federated infrastructure
    • architectures extensions based on NFV/SDN or new functionalities, complying with the 5G notion.
    • Experiments enabling benchmarking of the NFV/SDN components used in SoftFIRE.
    • Extensions to SoftFIRE infrastructure by using open source SDN/NFV components, interoperable with the existing FIRE control and management tools adopted by SoftFIRE.

The SoftFIRE project is now ready to receive proposals for experiments to be carried out on the Federated Testbed. For this purpose, the SoftFIRE Project invites interested parties in submitting experiment proposals that address the above Objective. SoftFIRE is also open to evaluate proposals that do address other topics in the realm of applications of NFV/SDN (e.g., 5G and beyond).

Open Call Information

The SoftFIRE project Second Competitive Open Call is looking for proposals for innovative experiments, complying with the following information:

Project full name: SoftFIRE – Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization

Testbed within FIRE+

Project number:  687860

Call identifier:  SoftFIRE-OC2

Call title:  Second SoftFIRE Open Call for Experiments

Total Budget: € 750,000

Maximum Funding per proposal: € 50,000

Type of participants: The typical profile of participants is academics, industrial or SMEs active in the domain of NFV/SDN and 5G research that need to run experiments to further test, evaluate and optimize their solutions and applications. The rules of participation are indicated in this document

Duration of the experiment: The maximum allowed duration of each experiment is 3 Months

Language of the proposal: English

Proposal submission: online submission through the portal

Feasibility Check deadline:  19 May 2017 at 17.00 CEST (Brussels time)

Call deadline: 31 May 2017 at 17:00h CEST (Brussels time)

Proposal Template: Proposals must follow the provided template (in Word format)

Detailed Call Information: SoftFIRE Second Open Call

Notification of Acceptance: 21 June 2017



For the feasibility check, it is essential that proposers get in contact with the SoftFIRE partners for the proposed experiment to discuss its feasibility within the SoftFIRE federated testbed and the related specific requirements. Each proposer must submit his draft proposal through the submission portal latest by 19 May 2017, at 17.00 CEST (Brussels time). The draft proposal must contain at least sections A, B and C fully completed. Feedback by the SoftFIRE consortium will be provided latest by 26 May 2017 and has to be indicated in Section D of the proposal template.

Important documentation

Second SoftFIRE Open Call document: SoftFIRE_OpenCall_Document

Experiment Proposal Template document:  SoftFIRE_OC2_ProposalTemplate

A Handbook containing guidelines, rules and mechanisms governing the usage of the SoftFIRE Testbed for the Second Open Call: SecondOCGuidelinesRulesAndMechanismsV2.0  (Second version. Please note that this document will be updated regularly)